Marin Čilić likes munching on the Big Apple

An interview by Franck Ramella in the 14 March 2015 print edition of l’Équipe.

It’s not by chance that New York is the favourite city of Marin Čilić.  The US Open isn’t the only thing it has.

The player you like the most?

“Andre Agassi.  He could win on all surfaces with his style of play.  He was able to get back to the top after falling out of the top 100.  He played in two eras, from Sampras to Federer-Nadal.  And what’s more, he won several Grand Slams!”

Your favourite Frenchman?

“Jo [Tsonga].  He seems to be very humble.  He’s the ‘nice guy on Tour'”.

The player you don’t like to play?

“Novak [Djoković].  I’ve never beaten him.  His game is solid everywhere—it’s really difficult for me.  I’m trying to find a solution to beat him.”

What do you not like about yourself?

“I like thinking about the people around me a lot—I’ve always been responsible for those around me, I don’t know why.  Which might be a good thing.  But it’s not always a good thing not to think of oneself.”

The type of person you don’t like?

“Arrogant people.  Those who don’t think of others.”

The Grand Slam you like the most?

“Because I saw Goran [Ivanišević] win it, Wimbledon is special for me.  I remember it well; I was at a summer camp.  But if you’re asking me which Grand Slam I want to win, I’d answer any one of them.  They’re all special.  Roland Garros, which I won in juniors in 2005, was the start for me.  I was always solid in juniors without any really great results.  That title launched my career in Challengers with wild cards and interest from agents.”

The place you like the best?

“New York, the city that never sleeps.  I really like this concept.  Last year, for example, we went out several times, especially for Broadway shows during the tournament.  Another day, I went jogging in Central Park.  There’s everything over there.  In the past, I’ve been everywhere with my girlfriend, from the Brooklyn Bridge to museums.”

Your favourite shot?

“The serve, with the possibility it gives of having the control in your hand to finish the point with one shot.  When I was young, the backhand was my most solid shot.  Natural.  What don’t I like?  My transition game forward…”


Translated by Mark Nixon.  Comments on the translation are very welcome. Please use the comments section.

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