Francesca Schiavone to Gazza News: “Tennis is friendship, respect and truth”

Translation of this article by “G.Des”.

In the Gazzetta’s news broadcast the Milan native speaks of the future: “At 35, I prefer to live in the present and a few months ahead rather than look further than that.”

Francesca Schiavone was the guest of honour for the 13:15 edition of Gazza News, the news telecast of Gazzetta TV. In the via Rizzoli studios the 2010 Roland Garros champion, the only Italian woman to ever have won a singles Slam, summed up her season. The Milan native, who went out at Indian Wells in the first round, spoke about the incredible episode during the match against Zhu, when the chair umpire didn’t see an obvious double hit [the ball hit Zhu’s racquet first, then bounced on her side of the net, then over the net – MAN] by the Chinese.

Respect and Friendship

“Angry? A bit. I love this sport and when things like this happen I suffer and feel badly. It was a delicate moment: we had set point, the crowd was applauding and the umpire was distracted. I argued, partly because it happened practically directly in front of her chair. I asked her to admit to what happened – nothing. We’re athletes but sport is also the truth and she wouldn’t admit to it. I learned from Serena [Williams] and from Roger [Federer] about competing. But at the same time there has to be on court respect and friendship. Look at Rafa and Roger on court: they fight but at the same time they respect each other.”


And look at the tattoo she tweeted: “#ThisIsSport”. “I hope we old ones can educate the younger generation.”  Francesca then turned back to that marvellous 2010: “Ah, I enjoyed it so much. Paris gave me something I can’t explain. They are emotions that stay with you and that you can relive. I felt like the happiest person in the world on that day. I got to the final in 2011 but with more difficulty, but I’m satisfied just the same.”

Inter and I

The future? Small steps. The Rio Olympics? “I’ve made a pact with myself of loyalty and respect to my competitions. At 35, I prefer to live in the present and a few months ahead rather than look further than that. I want to get results that bring a smile to my lips, get better physically and technically every day – there’s always something to work on.” And don’t talk to her about sacrifice. “Tennis is a sacrifice? No, if anything it’s a commitment, otherwise do something else. I’m always looking for personal growth.”

And football? “I’m an Inter fan, you know. We’re struggling. But these are difficult years for Milano too. Inter and I will win together – success in the Champions League.”

Translated by Mark Nixon

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