“It’ll be big!” Dane Søren Hess Olesen has been ranked at #1 in NCAA college rankings. He’ll be turning pro this summer

Translation of this piece by Alexander Josefski and Peter Filsø Jensen

Dane Søren Hess Olesen, who’s turning pro this summer, was the number one ranked player in US NCAA Division One tennis as of April 5, 2015

Number One. Søren Hess Olesen enjoys the view at the top of the US College rankings from his room at the University of Texas. The 24-ear-old Danish tennis player has played himself to the top of the college rankings, which consists of 2500 college players.

Søren Hess Olesen was number one on the list as of April 5, but on the newest list, he’s ranked at number five.

“It shows that the work I put into my tennis and my daily training is paying off. Whether I’m number 1, 5 or 10, as long as you’re up there, you know they’re all good players,” says Søren Hess Olesen.

Better year for year

Olesen has studied for the last four years at the university while at the same time playing for the university’s tennis team. After the summer holidays, he’ll make the jump into the professional ranks.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve improved year by year. I’ve spent four years at college and have become much more mature as a tennis player and as a person,” says the one-time Aarhus 1900 player.

His coach is convinced Søren Hess Olesen will make his mark with the pros.

“Right now he’s playing at a level that’s equivalent to 100-150 in the ATP rankings,” says coach Michael Sinter, who brought Olesen from Aarhus to Texas four years ago.

“A lot of college players have made the jump to the pros and have done well. I’ll give him nine months to a year so he has time to build up the points, and then we’ll see Søren do big things,” says Sinter.


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