Paul Haarhuis (Dutch Fed Cup captain) on Indy de Vroome

Original article:ële-top10-speelster-de-vroome

Dutch Fed Cup captain Paul Haarhuis gave some serious thought about selecting Indy de Vroome for the Fed Cup tie against Australia. In the end the teenage prodigy was deemed too much of a light weight, despite a very succesful week in Antwerp this February.

“It didn’t surprise me she put up great results in Antwerp. But it also didn’t surprise me she lost in 2nd rounds of ITF-tournaments right after that,” Haarhuis said during the team presentation in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

“Everybody knows Indy can play incredible tennis. She can play better than anybody in Holland. A lot better than anyone even. But, she can also play much worse than anybody.  I read her trainer said she never plays matches like she plays in practice. That’s the difference. She rarely shows in matches what she can do during practice. I think that during my career I rarely played a match worse than I did in practice. She can gain enormously by just showing during matches what she is showing during practice. She’s a potential Top 10 player, but there is room for tremendous amount of improvement inside her head. During a match, inside her head she isn’t even a top 1000 player.”

Because of the highs her play can reach, Haarhuis thought De Vroome might just be the right player to beat someone like Stosur.

“Yeah I thought about that. It’s just that she’s shown her peak ability so rarely the last 12 months, I shouldn’t throw her off the deep end like that. What she did show is she doesn’t handle pressure well. Playing matches. If there’s one thing you feel even more pressure than an ITF-tournament, it’s a FED-cup tie. She’s from around here, so there’ll be friends and family in the stands who’ll want to see her perform well.

I do hope I can select her soon. Because that would mean her results have convinced me she’s worthy of selection. She’s close though.”


Translated by Marco van Elst – @Backstop5

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