Monfils in Marseille: “I’m not playing well”

From an article by Fabien Mulot in l’Équipe online.

“I played a solid first set,” was Gaël Monfils’ analysis after his 17 February match against Alexander Zverev.  “Then my level dropped a bit because I’m lacking a bit of confidence and I need to get more matches in.  It’s only by playing that I can keep my rhythm and intensity.  But I’m happy because I kept my concentration.  I still don’t have a match that’s a reference point for me this year.  I’m not playing well.  I’m trying to win not playing well.  Winning will help me to express myself. It comes from inside of me.  I didn’t start the year well physically, mentally, and game-wise.  I’ve had it up to here a bit with everyone’s reactions when I say I’m lacking the spark and that I’ll quit.

“When I say that, it means that I have to work on a few small things and I also need to get some rest because I’m all wound up.  I need to clear my head.  I also need to start physical training too.  I’m fine, but I think I can be even stronger.  I’m looking for confidence and consistency.  It’s been a while since I’ve been able to play five or six tournaments in a row without getting injured.  If I manage to play well and be consistent for five weeks, I think I’ll be able to last the two weeks of a Grand Slam.  Everything has a purpose.  I’m working with someone who does a lot of thinking (his new coach Jan de Witt) and it’s part of that.  I’m building to go even higher.”


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