About Us

If you want more diversity in tennis media, a different style to the majority of Anglo sites/papers, a broader view of the tennis world, or more detail on players who may not be in the top 10 on either tour, but you can’t read other languages or don’t enjoy struggling with Google Translate, then this blog is for you.  We offer translations by tennis-loving volunteers, on their own time, with credit given to original print/online outlets and authors.

This is a community blog that originated from a Twitter conversation between fans Zafar, Ana, and Mark.  I’m Jewell—and although I’ll put most of the posts up, this blog is not about me or my opinions.   It has no affiliation to any organisation and no funding, and that’s how I like it.  Ana and Mark are co-editors; we’re all equal, and we decide stuff together.

If you have a translation, email it to jewell79@hotmail.co.uk (or DM me at @DeepTennis), including a link to the original piece and the name you want the translation credited to.  If it’s from a print source, please supply the author, magazine or newspaper name, and page number.   Feel free to do what you like with your translation—put it on your blog, tweet it, and so on.

We are looking for translations from any language into English.  No long-term commitment is required; if you see something in your native language that you think is worth sharing with a wider audience, we’d love to be able to post it here. Please note: we will make edits if necessary.  If we get two or three translations of the same piece, I’ll post one and add the rest in comments for comparison. Feedback and criticism are welcome.

If you want to use a translation from this blog, that’s fine; we simply ask that you credit both the original source AND the translator.

Comments enabled.  The only rule: be nice to each other.

13 thoughts on “About Us”

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